The First Time I Ever Heard of Blogging


In 2003 when I was 16 years old, I found myself on a cruise with my record label at the time. I had just been signed as an artist and was in the middle of my first promotion tour, to create awareness for myself and my upcoming album.

I was performing, doing photoshoots and interviews for the whole week or two, that we were on this work trip. I was fully expecting and excited about all these features of my new job and I had a great time and really enjoyed my work tasks every day. It was a luxury and I felt really lucky.


When and what to share

Then halfway through the trip, a person from my label pulled me aside to show me my brand new website. I was blown away, and so fascinated that I now actually had a real, official website!

But then he showed me a specific section on the site. I don’t remember what it was called. But he then said: “In this field you login and go write about your day on a regular basis, especially during this amazing cruise that we’re on.” This was a very strange idea to me.


Who cares and why?

First of all, I wasn’t very known at that point and didn’t really think anyone would care or read about what I had to write. Today I of course get that I was living this special opportunity, that a lot of my peers would find super interesting to hear about, and would like some insight into my life as an artist.

But at the time, this was not something anyone was doing yet. I feel like it was the actually the opposite. Artists were quite mysterious, and even personal questions were often not very popular and it was not common for an artist, or any public figure, to go into detail about anything regarding their personal lives.


The future of communication

But my label was ahead of the curve for sure, and predicted that this would be the way of promoting yourself and your work in the future. Today It’s become so crazy common for almost everyone it seems, to share their lives online. To the point where there are almost no boundaries for some people anymore.

Back then, I felt like it was a lot to ask of me. I’ve always been a quite shy and private person, and felt uncomfortable sharing private parts of my day with people I had never met and didn’t know at all.


Finding a healthy balance

But as this concept has grown over time, I feel like I’ve learned how to find a healthy balance between being a public, open and relatable figure, while also still keeping vulnerable, private matters private.

I’ve also learned to care less about what other people think, which has helped a lot and I quite enjoy the positive feedback and the possibility of communicating with people and supporters of mine all over the world.

But still, not everything is everyones business, and my life is still my own at the end of the day. When you put a lot out there, you kind of have to answer for just as much. Which is just not always a nice or necessary demand to create for yourself.


What are your thoughts?

So I was just sitting and reflecting on this concept the other day, and thought I would share my first memory of the concept of blogging with you guys.

I’d be curious to hear how you feel about how common it’s become for people to share their lives online, and what you think are the pros and cons of this development??…


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