A change of heart

natasha thomas

Hi everyone.

I know I’ve been away from this blog for a while. I’ve felt a bit stuck on what to write about, and have honestly been feeling a bit stressed, uncreative and stomped for good content ideas.

I feel like there’s been quite a big shift in my personal growth, and my priorities have continued to expand and change. Hence the titel of this blogpost: “A Change of Heart.”

I haven’t felt like writing much about beauty, as I’ve been searching for more meaning and depth in my online life. Though I love makeup as a creative outlet and and art form (that will never change), I don’t always feel like writing only about that, though I find i quite fun, relaxing and entertaining.

Recently I’ve watched several amazing documentaries that have really impacted me and changed the way I view things quite a bit.

I’ve been an only child, a solo artist for most of my life. But becoming a mother, really expanded my horizon and made me think more beyond just myself. Makes me think about the future of my daughters life and her surroundings. What will the world look like 50 years from now, and how will things continue to evolve and change even after I’m gone one day. I want her to be happy, and to be safe.

So I started focusing on the little things I’m able to start changing, in order to make less of a negative impact on our environment. Unfortunately, buying produce/products in bulk is not an option anywhere near where I live. But I can accomplish things like:

  • Always bringing a reusable cloth bag with me, when I go shopping
  • Using less products in plastic packaging
  • Using a stainless steel reusable water bottle, instead of buying any plastic water bottles
  • Buying a bamboo toothbrush, instead of the regular plastic kind
  • Buying more second hand clothing
  • Shopping less in general and only owning the things I really, truly need
  • Using things up until there completely done, before replacing them

The list goes on and on. But these are all little doable things, that would make a huge different if we all stepped up and did them. And I’m not saying I’m perfect at always living up to all these points, but I think they’re nice, realistic goals to strive for and keep working towards.

For me as a makeup lover, this is the area I find the hardest to change, and I’m not saying we could or should all live a completely Zero Waste lifestyle, though I really admire the people who do), but I do plan on consuming less beauty products, and focusing on choosing products that are “planet-friendly”, have eco packaging and preferably reusable packaging. More on those brands and products in the future…

But for now, I thought I would share the 3 documentaries I’ve watched recently, that really informed and inspired me a lot. Hopefully it will do the same for you. Please let me know what you think of them after watching them!

You can watch all of these documentaries for free on Netflix.


The True Cost

The True Cost is a documentary about the devastating impact that the fashion industry has on the planet and how the workers suffer and are highly exploited. This was really hard for me to get through, and brought on many tears. And many of these issues, I must admit, I was embarrassingly naive to and unaware off. You might be too…



This is a concept I’ve come to know and love. I tend to have an extremely overactive, cluttered mind, and have too many things and clutter around me only enhance that and makes it worse. The plus side of adopting a more minimalistic approach to life, is also that we would all cause less harm and pollution to the planet, and just have clearer minds. And as I result I’m sure we’d all be happier overall.


A Plastic Ocean

Honestly, this documentary quite frankly shocked and scared me a bit. I of course, like everyone else, knew there was plastic floating around in our oceans, but not to this extent. I didn’t know how bad the state of our oceans had become or that the damage was this extreme. And now, as a parent, I feel more responsible and more motivated to take action, than when I was younger. A must watch and a true eye opener for me.



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