New Skin Care Products I Need In My Life

As I am now a 30-year-old woman (first time I’ve ever written that – and no it still hasen’t sunk in), I’m currently browsing the web to figure out which skin care items I should add next to my daily skin care routine. I know I’m starting to go down the anti-aging route, but at the same time my skin is also blemish prone, so finding that balance is the tricky part. Because products that are too moisturising always tend to break me out.

I follow a ton of skin care specialists, and I used to dream of becoming an esthetician. One of the woman I love who talks a lot about natural skin care and natural, non-toxic products in generel, is the lovely, Sophie Uliano. Head on over there for a ton of inspiration about all things beauty, health, DIY and all natural products.

Juice Beauty For The Win

One of the brands she highly recommends is Juice Beauty. Some gorgeous actresses that I also adore is Alicia Silverstone, and Gwyneth Paltrow. They have both collaborated with Juice Beauty and said that they just love this brand. Rachel Talbot (who is my ultimate girl-crush) also used the ‘Green Apple Peel‘ from Juice Beauty on her youtube channel. And that girl has flawless skin, let me tell ya’.

Since I’ve entered my 30’s now, I certainly have my eye more on anti-aging skin care products, which I haven’t dabbled with to much in the past if I’m honest. But now it’s about that time! So when I saw that Juice Beauty carried a line of anti-aging products, recommended by all these gorgeous woman, who love green products and who also look amazing at their age, I knew this was a line I had to test out.

These natural products are supposed to be highly effective, give real results and be worth every penny.


Here in the slider below are the products I plan on testing out:


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