My Most Loved Makeup Brushes

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So I’ve finally returned to my blog after taking way too long of a break from blogging. I do apologize for that. I’ve been very busy working on getting my AP degree in Multimedia Design and Communication, which I’m happy to say is now “in the bag”. So now I’ve just recently started creating new beautiful blogposts for you, that I hope you will all really enjoy.

This post will cover my longtime favourite and most used brushes for applying makeup. Since I started using these particular brushes I simply haven’t felt the need to switch them up since. Though there have been tons and tons of other gorgeous brushes that have also caught my eye, that i will still be curious to try out in the future. Now, let me just give you a quick and simple run-down of the brushes in question starting from left to right:

Starting with the Real Techniques crease brush. Now this one is actually a part of their full starter kit for eyes. I really wish it was sold individually, but I do also really enjoy the base shadow brush from the same kit, and since it’s pretty affordable, i think it’s worth it (just for the value of the crease brush alone). The crease brush is recommended to be used to apply eyeshadow to the crease of your eyes with (obviously), which it will also work great for. However, I personally prefer using a a softer, fluffier brush for that though.

My brush of choice for that would be the MAC 217 brush (which I sadly forgot to include in the post image), which I’ve also used for years. But the real techniques one i love to use to blend out concealers on smaller areas on my face that I wish to cover, such as blemishes or scars. So this would be my top recommended use for this brush

My second brush of choice is the Sigma SS266 brush (wish they’d come up with some catchier names for their brushes). I’ve used this small, thin brush to apply powder and cream products to my eyebrows. It works great for that and it’s great for any precision work. I also sometimes use it to apply dark eyeshadows as liner on my upper lids. But most of the time I find myself using this particular brush apply dark brown (or any color I’m going for that day) to my lower lash line, right underneath my eyes. It’s just so fast and easy and it gives me great control of the shadow I’m working with, while providing the perfect amount and width to the line I’m creating. So thumbs up for that.

The third brush on the list is the Afterglow Cosmetics brush which I used for all face powders. It applies all setting powders as well as blushes and bronzers. Heck, I’ve even used it for highlighter when I’ve been in a rush or simply been to lazy to change brushes. It’s is very soft and a joy to use as well as easy to clean! This brush is a little more pricey that the Real Technique ones, but still very affordable and reasonable in my opinion. I actually think I’ve had mine for almost ten years now and it has never shed on my and is still in great condition and going strong. So an awesome investment with great value overall.

The fourth brush recommendation I’d like to share with you is the base shadow brush from Real Techniques, which I mentions earlier in the post. To be honest I do like to apply eyeshadow on my lids with just my ring finger about 50% of the time. I just find that it’s quicker and easier to build up the desired intensity of the color and that there tends to be less fallout. But for adding a pop of a light shimmery color to the inner corner (tear duct area) of my eyes i find this brush to be really handy.

I also always use it to apply my highlight color to my brow bones, which it works perfectly for. It’s the perfect size and fits seamlessly right underneath the brows. It obviously also works well for apply eyeshadow on the lids, which it’s designed to do, and when I do choose to use a brush for that this is the one I grab for. And extra little useful tip, would be to use it to apply a highlight at the center of the nose as well as right above your upper lip on the cupids bow.

The fifth and final brush I’ve mainly been using for the past few years is (again) the contour brush by Real Techniques. This brush unfortunately can also only be purchased in their Core Collection Face kit. Two out of the four brushed in there I’ve never really found an attractive use for, but you do also get a buffing brush in the same kit, which I love for applying foundation, especially powder foundation. I prefer using their expert face brush for applying liquid foundation, which I tend to only do on special occasions lately.

But the contour brush works so great as a highlighter brush. It’s exactly the size of my cheekbones, so it covers just the right area while applying highlighter. It makes it so fast and easy, and it basically does all the work for you without you needing to really think about what you’re doing, or putting in much attention or effort to get a gorgeous highlight. The same story goes for contouring. I don’t do too much contouring on a daily basis, but I do like to add a touch of the Hoola Bronzer by Benefit using this brush, whenever i want to contour the hollows of my cheeks, underneath my jawline or on my forehead. Which, let’s face it – I always do all of the above simultaneously.

So those were all my current and longtime favourites brushes that I wanted to share with you guys. I hope you found it helpful and interesting and thanks so much for reading along!

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