My Dry Skin Savior


Actually, I’ve always been a combination/oily skin kind of girl, but during and right after my pregnancy I started to get some crazy dry skin and dry patches around my face, especially my jawline, even some itchy bumps on my face and down my neck. I guess it was due to a mixture of my hormones going a bit crazy, and the breastfeeding, that was just taking it’s toll on my skin. Now, being that I had never experienced dryness before, I didn’t really have a “go to” moisturizer to help me deal with my dry skin issues.

By a stroke of luck, I was unpacking some of our moving boxes one day (as we had recently moved house), and I came across this little sample of theย Vichy Aqualia Thermal Cream moisturizer, that I had been given with another purchace a long time ago, and had just never thought to test out.ย And so, I finally did…


I was honestly amazed when I woke up the next morning! That has never really happened to me before with any other product. Hadn’t really thought anything of it. Just slapped a bit on before I went to bed, and when I woke up my dry skin nightmare was over and gone!ย My skin felt so soft and smooth for the first time in months. It felt so nice and I was relieved. Just one single application of this moisturizer was all it took to completely get rid of my dryness and I’m happy to report it hasn’t returned since!


I know everyone raves about the Embryolisse moisturizer, and that one has gotten a big hype on blogs and on youtube, as it is a lot of make-up artists favorite. I tried a sample of that one back in the day as well, and it was alright, but nothing special in my book. This Vichy moisturizer by far outshines it for me. It feels less greasy on my skin. It sinks into the skin quicker and easier. I’ve seen better results with the Vichy one. Plus, the scent, I find a little more pleasant than the Embryolisse one. Though they’re both slightly old lady-ish. But that is the only small downside to this wonder cream. Try it out for sure, if you are suffering from any type of dry skin, no matter how severe. It sure did wonders for my skin!

(This comes in both a light and a rich version + *New packaging)






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