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I thought I would share my thoughts on a book I’ve read recently written by the beautiful and lovely, Miranda Kerr. The book is called Treasure Yourself andΒ I really respect and admire her for sharing her uplifting ways of looking at life and her positive thought patterns with the world. Especially younger women or teenage girls I feel could really benefit from reading this book!

I love to see women who aren’t afraid of sharing who they truly are, and their unique thoughts and opinions with others – which can be a little scary at times. Because of her joyful spirit, I now find her even more attractive and give her two thumbs up (as a mom as well!) for being such a great role model for younger girls and other woman. We need so many more of strong, brave woman like that (and I hope to be one of them)!

If you’re into spirituality at all, this book isn’t groundbreaking or filled with a lot of new information. But I did really enjoy reading her way of explaining how she sees and deals with things. And how she exercises her “positive thinking muscle”, just as much as the rest of her gorgeous body. I find her to be a really great, captivating writer.




Like the lovely Miranda, I’m also a massive admirer of Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Byron Katie and Marianne Williamson – to name a few! And this is her own interpretation of their expert advice and teachings, on how to live a positive life through an enlightened, healthy spirit and way of thinking.

She breaks it down, makes it simple and puts it into her own words, which are dead-on and easy for anyone to understand and follow. She gives great, relevant examples and shares heartwarming as well as heartbreaking stories from her own life. You feel very connected with her and like you know her a little bit better after reading this book. She really pours her heart and soul into it, so therefore it is quite personal.

But this book is not her autobiography in any way. She mainly shares her own experiences, life lessons and viewpoints, which makes it interesting and easy for the reader to relate to her message. It’s such an awesome, uplifting little book. I like the fact that it is a short book, so it makes it easy to take it all in and not get to overwhelmed. It’s a quick read, but it’s very rewarding! By the end of it, you close it feeling so inspired and hopeful for things to come and like you can conquer and overcome any obstacles that passes your way. Loved it. Will be looking forward to (and definitely getting) her 2. book release with Hay House Publishing!



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