A pure and Luxurious Pamper


As you may or may not know about me, I really love the actress, Alicia Silverstone. She’s a great Actress but she is also an Author, a Mom, she’s compassionate, she’s a Vegan, and just in general a free-spirited person and a great role model for the younger generation in my eyes. So anyway, a while back she launched a skin care line with Juice Beauty and that’s how I first got introduced to the brand. It’s an all natural and organic brand, and I’m dying to try out some of their skin care! It looks amazing and it’s full of pure, nourishing ingredients, without any of the harmful chemicals. Because wouldn’t we all prefer that?…And they do everything from personal care and skincare to hair care and natural makeup!

Especially their Spa Collection looks super yummy and luxurious! The packaging is so adorable and feminine and would look great by the bathroom sink. So if you’re thinking of treating yourself or someone else, and you’re into the more natural side of personal care/pamper products, then this might be a good collection to check out. And hey, if it’s loved that much by Alicia,- then I’m sure it must be worth the hype.

I’m also intrigued by their Blemish Clearing Solution which might just suit my skin perfectly!

Perhaps a mixture of that and, since I’m getting closer to my 30th year and starting to need a bit of anti-aging action, also the Age Defy Solutions

If you’ve ever tried this brand before please do let me know what you thought of it and which products you would recommend!??




Photo courtesy of JuiceBeauty.com


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