Nourish Organic Natural Deodorant


I’m a firm believer in the fact that one of the most important personal care items we should all (especially women!) go organic and chemical free with,- is in fact our deodorants! Perfume, parabens ect. has been proven to spread to the lymph notes under our armpits, that are directly connected to the tissues in our breasts, and that plays a serious part in causing breast cancer.

I’ve struggled to find a good, organic deodorant option, so here’s one I can finally say is quite lovely.
It’s this one from Nourish Organic, which you can pick up here:


Is it perfect? – Well no. But it is the most pleasant scent I’ve come across. It’s a twist-up type of product, and the texture is quite thick and sticky, which I don’t really mind, but some people might. I just feel like that makes it rather moisturizing and also more long-lasting which is a good thing in my book. But you can sure feel it after you’ve applied it, and it takes a little while before it’s properly soaked into the skin. But it has a lovely, sweet – but not too sweet – almond and vanilla scent, which I really like. I love the look and design of the packaging (silly but true), it’s just really nice, light and sleek which really appeals to me.


So if you’re looking for a more natural alternative to your regular deodorants, I think this is a really nice one to try out, if you like the sweeter fragrances.



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